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Auto Loans

We offer a wide variety of auto loans to suit your needs. Do you want to make your payment weekly, semi-weekly, or monthly? We can accommodate any of those options. We offer extended terms to fit your budget. We know auto loans!

Lifestyle Loans

Lifestyle loans are what we call loans to buy a boat, motorcycle, recreational vehicle and more.  We understand that these are the things you purchase not because you have to, but because you want to. They are an expression of your personal lifestyle.  For many of you it is a way for your family to enjoy time together.  That is why taking out a loan to buy one should not be a big hassle.  Come see us and you will find low rates and flexible terms.  Here is a list of just some of the types of lifestyle loans we make:

bulletMotor Homes
bulletPersonal Watercraft
bulletTravel Trailers
bulletATV and 4-Wheelers

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Personal Loans

When you need a personal loan, your Credit Union is the place to turn to.  We provide courteous and prompt service at affordable terms.  Repayment can be even easier through payroll deduction or automatic payment.

Home Equity Loans

Every time you make a house payment, youíve got more equity to use.  And it can really add up.  Why not use it to make improvements to your home and life?  Use it for an addition to your house or other home improvements, and you may be eligible to receive tax benefits (consult a tax advisor).

You can use the equity youíve built to purchase a car, take a family vacation, invest in higher education, or consolidate high-interest debt.

Whatever you need to add to your lifestyle can be yours with a Home Equity Loan from Credit Union Plus.  Look at how the benefits add up:

+        Great Rates ?You get a great rate from your credit union on all types of loans, and Home Equity Loans are no different.  Compare our low rates to the high rates on other types of loans, and you will see the advantages at Community Plus Federal Credit Union.

+        Flexible Terms ?Our terms allow budget-friendly payments.  Compare that to using a high-rate credit card and payments that go on and on.

+        Tax Advantages -  When you choose a Home Equity Loan, it is tied to your home loan.  That means you may be able to deduct the interest from your taxes.  Thatís something credit cards just canít offer.

+        Your Choice ?Our Home Equity Line of Credit allows you to access your equity simply by writing a check.  Or you may choose a more traditional loan.  The choice is yours!

With Community Plus Federal Credit Union, thereís money in your walls.  To apply or to obtain more information, contact the Credit Union.

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Share Secured Loans

Saving money takes time and dedication. Once you have that money saved you hate to spend it, even on emergencies.  Consider a share secured loan.  With your shares or certificate of deposit as collateral, you pay a very low rate of interest.  If your choice is between cashing in a share certificate of deposit early and taking the penalty or a share secured loan, borrowing can often save you money.  Best of all, your savings remain intact.


Are you looking for a mortgage lender that will give you personal service and low rates without charging a lot of fees?  Our mortgage specialist will take personal responsibility for guiding you through the mortgage process.  We will answer your questions and spend as much time with you as necessary. 

Looking for a 14 year mortgage? Want to buy a lot to build you dream house on someday? Just need to finance a small amount?  We have handled all of those special situations and more. 

Community Plus Federal Credit Union has also been recognized as an Ethical Lender by the Credit Union National Association for its commitment to following industry guidelines for the fair treatment of borrowers.

For more information or to apply for a mortgage loan, contact the Credit Union.  Community Plus Federal Credit Union is an Equal Housing Lender.


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