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Services of Community Plus Federal Credit Union

Free checking . . . plus much more.

 A Community Plus Federal Credit Union checking account saves you money because it is free: no monthly charge, no minimum balance, no per check charge.

 If free checking is not enough we have even more reasons to have a Community Plus Federal Credit Union checking account.


The cuCheck card can be used in place of a check anywhere a Visa check card is accepted.  Save time by using your cuCheck Card instead of writing checks.  It can also be used as an ATM card to get cash 24 hours a day.


CheckLine overdraft line of credit protects you from the embarrassment and expense of  writing an NSF check.  Best of all, there is no charge if you never use it! 

Of course not all free checking accounts are the same.  Remember that most banks only post to your account overnight, while our systems operate in real time.  For more ways that our free account will save you money over their account, ask a member service representative.

Statements are now printed on both sides of the paper. With postage rates going up every year this will save the credit union quite a bit of money in the long term. The downside for our members is that we can no longer include a form for reconciling your checkbook on the back of the statement. To help with statement balancing we have available the Reconciliation Form to download right here. Just click on this line to download the file. The free Adobe Reader is required. This form is also available at the credit union.


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Share Accounts

 Where do you keep your 3 month supply of liquid assets?  At least some of it should be in a place that is readily accessible, but still earns a good rate of return.  It should also be insured by an agency of the US Government.  A Community Plus Federal Credit Union share account meets all of those criteria.

We offer special savings accounts for special needs.  Open a second account to save for your real estate tax.  Christmas and Vacation Cub accounts are popular ways to save.  Use payroll deduction and watch your account grow.


Share Certificates

 Community Plus Federal Credit Union share certificates of deposit are available for as little as $500.  Available in a variety of terms with rates among the best in the area, these certificates are insured by NCUA, a US government agency.

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Individual Retirement Accounts

  Is your retirement future built on a house of cards?

Imge of a house shingled with Social Secuirty cardsWhile it's not very likely that social security will completely fall apart, it may not be enough to cover your retirement needs.  Social security is intended to be just a supplement to regular retirement income.

House your funds in an IRA - and build your money.  An individual retirement account (IRA) is a tax advantaged savings plan built around your individual needs.

Community Plus Federal Credit Union offers three types of IRA plans: traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, and Education IRAs.

A Community Plus Federal Credit Union IRA is insured for up to $100,000 by a U.S. Government Agency.

Vehicle Loans

  Community Plus Federal Credit Union saves you money by offering the best rate around on auto loans.  Our staff is committed to providing fast service to save time as well as money.  Also, consider us your information resource when buying a new vehicle.  We have book values for used cars, invoice pricing on new vehicles, videos on inspecting used cars, and books with negotiating trips.  Save time and money with a preapproved auto loan from Credit Union Plus. To apply just click here.

  In addition to car loans we make loans on motorcycles, recreational vehicles, boats, campers, and trailers.

 Personal Loans

Whether you need money for a vacation or a family emergency, your credit union is there to help.  We offer flexible repayment terms and low interest rates. An  application is just a click away.

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Mortgage Loans

 Our experienced staff can help you obtain a mortgage to purchase or refinance your existing home.  Community Plus Federal Credit Union is recognized by the Credit Union National Association as an Ethical Lender for our voluntary adoption of their ethical standards and guidelines.  These include fair interest rates, reasonable fees, and honest advertising.  We are pledged to ensure that Community Plus Federal Credit Union mortgage products meet our members borrowing needs and ability to repay, consistent with the credit union's loan policies and legal requirements.

Home Equity Loans

For Life Improvement, your Home's Equity can be a real Plus!

Need money for remodeling, college, or other major expenses?  The Community Plus Federal Credit Union Home Equity Line of Credit is the affordable way to tap into your homes existing equity.  Low fees and rates make this a very affordable option for many of our members.


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